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The Gift of Surviving by Lauren Jett (LJ)

'Twas the night before Christmas as she walked through the house

she was all alone now, the first year without her spouse

No stockings this year, and no Christmas tree

She thought she’d be stronger, because this year she was free

Free from the violence, the gaslighting, the shame

Was it so wrong that she longed to hear him call her name?

The years weren’t all bad, but the trauma was real

There were times she’d feared death at his hands, but

Tis the season to heal

She let out a cry that turned to a roar

You can’t take my life from me, not anymore!

I am here and I live, trudging through each day

I am choosing to put you behind me

I will make it through this pain

And though this is hard, harder than anything I’ve done

I have faith in my Self

I choose life, I choose love

She whispered to herself,

I love you, you are safe

And a tear of gratitude streamed down her face

Healing is not linear, it ebbs and it flows

Some days are harder than others

This, we survivors know

But we are not alone for we have each other

We are daughters and sisters and friends and mothers

Don’t dim your light, let it shine bright

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night

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